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Digitising Recovery

Identify surplus equipment and deploy recovery jobs using our all-in-one asset recovery software
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RECOVAR's all-in-one asset recovery software process graphic

The smart all-in-one telecoms and IT asset
recovery software

Asset Inventory Inspections

Build location inventories through inspections into one centralised web dashboard
RECOVAR Dashboard Location Manager View
RECOVAR Mobile application for field engineers

Mobile Application

Simplify the process of managing engineer teams and make it easy for them to manage tasks, locations and inventory on the go

Recover Valuable Assets

Standardise and streamline asset recovery processes while collecting a comprehensive audit trail
RECOVAR Web dashboard - a de-installation job in-progress
RECOVAR's web dashboard analytics

Performance Analytics

Analyse trends with KPIs, metrics and dashboards for field service while prioritising what matters

Streamline processes throughout
your entire organisation

RECOVAR's mobile application for field engineers

Field Data Collection

The RECOVAR app simplifies field data collection, enabling engineers to get directions to site, take photos, manage notes and capture signatures needed for an inspection. This app has been designed to streamline IT and telecoms equipment recovery.

RECOVAR's web dashboard for managers

Manager Dashboard

Hitting deadlines and meeting sales goals can be a challenge. The RECOVAR web dashboard allows managers to prioritise the jobs that matter while increasing engineer productivity. Dedicated project dashboards give insights into customer accounts and growth potential.

RECOVAR's web dashboard for project planners and analysts

Data & Analytics

The RECOVAR web dashboard provides project planners and analysts with all the information they need to make smarter decisions in their business, using data that was previously stuck on unstandardised Excel spreadsheets. Gone are the days of printouts and opaque workflows.

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Be more efficient and
simplify your processes

We are digitising the recovery of E-waste through our all-in-one recovery software for telecoms and IT asset recovery companies.

Reduce costs

Get actionable insights to help you minimise wasted resources and strategise for cost-effective asset recovery

Increase operational efficiency

Automate processes to assign the right resource with the right skills to the right job, to get the most out of your team

Increase recovery volume

Identify and streamline asset inspection, to increase equipment recovery and sales

Simplify with one platform

See and manage all your inspected and recovered assets company-wide on a single web dashboard

Gain visibility

Create a single source of truth that tracks asset lifecycle management across your organisation and projects

Reduce reliance

Empower engineers with the information and tools to complete jobs; reducing manual back-and-forth communication

Digitising the end of life supply chain

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